Our policy and project focus areas:

  1. Bus rapid transit (BRT) corridors
    BRT as a mass transit option for rapidly growing cities. High capacity transit corridors with quality walking & cycling facilities and public spaces. Learn more…
  2. Bike sharing
    Planning, design, implementation, and operation. Learn more…See animation.
  3. Greenways
    Greenways & high quality urban bike networks. Learn more…
  4. Complete streets
    Road, intersection and streetscape designs to enhance vibrancy and appeal, and ensure cyclists & pedestrians are safely accommodated. Learn more…
  5. Transit-oriented development (TOD)
    Transit station area development according to the TOD Standard. Learn more…
  6. Parking
    Parking reform to avoid lock-in of car-dependent development. Learn more…

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Current major focus areas include:
  • Yichang BRT - multiple aspects (opens mid-2015)
  • Yichang TOD & NMT
  • Manila bike sharing
  • Manila greenways
  • Nanning BRT
  • Guangzhou bike sharing
  • Guangzhou NMT demonstration areas
  • Beijing parking
  • Vientiane NMT demonstration project
  • Lanzhou BRT impact analysis